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Maintaining our home or workspace’s comfort is something we allow passively to happen after we created it the way we like. Time and money earned or loaned help us fill it with personalized lounge furniture or ergonomic workstations. No one truly wants to deal with fire, flood or water damage destroying all those, to some, little luxuries of life.

Even while many of us have insurance coverage, our favorite things can end up soaked beyond repair with many holding sentimental value. Memories, photos, heirlooms, trophies all washed away, disintegrating in the mist of the deep floating drenches.

The mixtures of old and new materials, aging wood, growing tree roots, natural underground shifts can all contribute to an unexpected forceful geyser like eruption in our life.

Water damage impact from:

  • Bathtub Overflows
  • Burst Pipes
  • Drain clogs
  • Fire Sprinkler set off
  • Fishtank/Aquarium leaks
  • Pool cracks
  • Septic Tank back ups
  • Sewer Spillovers
  • Slab Leaks
  • Storms
  • Toilet back ups


  • Keep important documents in water resistant storage bins
  • Use plastic versus cardboard boxes
  • Elevate storage boxes on crate lifts at least 6 inches off the floor
  • Use additional off site storage facilities
  • Conduct quarterly pipe and drain checks
  • Fix plumbing leaks immediately
  • Keep windows unblocked and patch any cracks
  • Contact us for more tips

Cleanup of Mold in Affected areas
Humidity levels, soaked materials, dark quarters and mixed foreign chemicals that blend in infested waters becomes a large petri dish for mildew and mold. During our cleanup of a flood damage area, we can help combat these allergen annoyances with our eliminating safe cleaners. We clear rooms of these microscopic creatures with our microbial agents to stop bacterial growth.

Our technicians diligently apply solutions to stop the spread in affected areas.  Our mission is to get your house or office back to your exceptional state of living you worked hard to create.

Our steps include:

  • Free initial analysis
  • Develop recovery plan
  • Remove carpet, furniture, drapes for ample drying areas
  • Circulate optimum anti mold forming air temperatures
  • Dispose of non-human safe materials
  • Sanitize
  • Stand by you
  • And more

We are the water damage professional leaders in the Pomona area. We wade in the water to stop you from drowning. Grab a lifesaver with us!


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