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When you face a burst septic tank, overflowing toilet or your neighborhood sump pump line breaks, 24-Hour Pomona Water Damage is here to get you back on track. We provide professional sewage damage clean up services when you need it most. Don’t let black water contamination destroy your home! Act fast and contact us immediately!

Animals instinctively avoid eating or sleeping around feces to survive. City health inspectors know animal droppings harbor germs and will shut down a place until cleaned up to quality standards. The longer the sewage spill sits, the quicker e-coli levels multiply, lowering health levels.

Thick dark vile masses oozing across floors, clinging to any object in its route is dangerous to handle yet needs to be discarded immediately. Our crew chose this profession so you don’t have to subject yourself or others to the disease infested toxicity.

Do not expose yourself to:

  • Infectious germs
  • Blood
  • Bodily excretions
  • Contaminated water
  • Possible broken pipes or tile
  • Mixing household chemicals
  • Do not use abrasive materials
  • Do not use heat, fire, or gas

Safety Tips: Call us immediately

  • Do not handle without official protective gear
  • Do not risk the spread
  • Do not use any non-industry standard shop vacs
  • Do not use any porous materials
  • Do not discard any soiled fibers in nearby receptacles or curbs
  • Do not attempt to dismantle, force, or reach into plumbing fixtures
  • Do not use electrical equipment like non-standard blowers
  • Do not to continue to power plunge
  • Do not attempt to insert chemicals down drains

What we do:

  • Available 24 hours, arrival in 30 minutes on any day
  • We abide by strict legal regulations when removing sewage soiled materials
  • Our impenetrable gear shields us from contaminants
  • Use eco and animal friendly products that are antimicrobial
  • Deodorize to eliminate odors
  • Check surrounding areas for possible exposure
  • Extract water
  • Follow up

Reach for the phone to call us rather than risk your life mixing chemicals that could potentially emit life threatening fumes or combustions.


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